IT's Your big day!

and we want it to go as smooth as possible

Here is a list of things to have set aside so that photographer can grab it easily!

If you do not have some of the things on this list, thats ok!

Set aside what you do have.

  1. Wedding Invitation Suite
  2. Engagement ring
  3. Wedding bands and ring box
  4. Veil
  5. Bouquet
  6. Vow books
  7. Shoes
  8. Wedding day jewelry
  9. Sentimental Items
  10. Groom tie or pocket square
  11. cologne or perfume
  12. Groom cufflinks

Extra Tips for Your Wedding Day:

  1. If you have special hangers for you and your bridesmaids dresses, please have those available or even better, the dresses already on them!
  2. Its ok if things run late, this is your day after all, just make sure to tell your photographer and/or coordinator and we will figure out a plan!
  3. Don't worry about weather! After all, its lucky to have rain on your wedding day. However, no matter the case, we will still get beautiful photos, even if it means switching around the timeline.
  4. Some handy things to pack would be:

bobby pins, safety pins, hairspray, stain remover, and scissors. Just in case.

  1. Finally, crank up that music and have fun!